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3D acoustic situational awareness



Threat / end user issue

Static kind of infrastructure is often vulnerable to attacks by either small arms fire (SAF) or mortars. The objects could be for instance a military forward operating base, an embassy or a post from the United Nations. As attacks may occur all the time, persistent and affordable protection is required. Especially when inhibited by civilians, ease of operations use and maintenance become more important. Often installed in remote places far away from the electricity grid, power consumption is an issue.

Our solution

The Acoustic Compound Protection System (ACOMPRIS) firmware offers a persistent and omnidirectional surveillance capability to detect and localize incoming small arms fire and mortars. The set up requires around 6 sensor posts, the ones used for SAF localization close to each other, the ones used for mortar localization further apart. Where applicable, the sensor posts can be hard wired, making the system entire passive and impossible to jam.
The outcome is the real-time localization of the firing positions that can be displayed either in the Microflown AVISA C2 ­application, or, when desired, in an overarching C2.

Key characteristics

  • All weather, day and night, non-line-of-sight capability
  • Low SWaP, rapidly (re-)deployable, mobile
  • Passive, low observable
  • Requires no line of sight
  • Detection ranges up to 1800m (SAF) / 8km (mortars)
  • Suited for compounds of dimensions up to ~2 km2, scalable to larger dimensions
  • Operates as self-contained system, optional interfacing via message interface

How does it work?

he ACOMPRIS firmware combines the processed signals from each of the sensor posts. The closely positions sensor posts handle the incoming SAF. The additional sensor posts need more intermediate distance for the localization of the mortar shooting positions. The results can be visualized and/or use to cue for instance cameras.

Product set up

  • Around 6 CASTLE sensor posts, including:
  • Command post, including:
    • 4 AMMS (per CASTLE)
    • Acoustic Master – computing device
    • Weather station
    • Georeferencing device
    • Manet radio
    • Battery box
    • Ruggedized laptop
    • Manet radio

Additional information

Microflown AVISA drafts numerous white papers and other documents that are only available upon request though. Please contact us directly to request additional information based on your interest.

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