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3D acoustic situational awareness

About us


Microflown AVISA develops and markets highly innovative capabilities for the global defense and security markets. Exploiting the benefits of its proprietary CASTLE acoustic subarray hardware platform, Microflown AVISA offers an ever growing range of sheer firmware defined capabilities to detect and localize all sorts of audible threats.

To some extent, these capabilities are based upon a single sensor post. To a large extent, these capabilities are based upon a network of sensor posts, be it radio networked and/or hard-wired.


The CASTLE comprises of four hard wired, spatially distributed Acoustic Multi Mission Sensors (AMMSs), enriched by an Acoustic Master (AMR) and a weather station. By default, two satellite receiving units are included to determine both position and heading. Anti-jamming and anti-spoofing capabilities can be integrated upon request. The CASTLE allows a high level of local signal processing, minimizing the bandwidth in the network.


In general, acoustic sensors are passive, not betraying their position, providing an all-weather and no line of sight capability.

The CASTLE hears all around in a full hemispherical “field of view”.


The Microflown is the world’s first and only dedicated acoustic particle velocity sensor, the complementary physical quantity to sound pressure.

The Microflown provides acoustic directionality over the entire acoustic bandwidth, equaling and exceeding by far the functionality of a pair or triplet of microphones/ sound pressure transducers.

3D acoustic situational awareness