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RAM-SCORE is a passive acoustic localisation system for rocket, artillery and mortar (RAM) training and proving ranges, providing fast and accurate location reports of points of impact (POI) and points of origin (POO) on the range. The system has been developed in cooperation with the Royal Netherlands Army to support shooting exercises and to ensure safety on training ranges.

Each RAM-SCORE system comprises of at least four remotely operated ground sensor posts (no upper limit) and a main station command post. Each ground sensor contains an Acoustic Vector Sensor (AVS) which has the worldwide unique capability to directly measure the actual direction of sound sources acoustically.

Furthermore, the unique Acoustic Vector Sensor technology allows the system to be smaller and lighter with a reduced power consumption compared to sound pressure microphone based solutions. Based on its compact size, the RAM-SCORE system is fast and easily deployable for both permanent and temporary use. The supplied battery allows one ground sensor post to operate for one month. Depending on the need smaller and lighter batteries can be offered. Alternative powering solutions such as solar panels are also available.

The detection of an acoustic RAM event by one of the ground sensors results in wirelessly reporting time stamp, type of acoustic event, and direction of the event to the main station command post. The majority of processing is done at each ground sensor individually, to keep the wirelessly transmitted packages to the command post as small as possible. The already preprocessed information, from multiple ground sensors, is then analysed centrally, and the calculated locations are presented on the main station command post in both tabular form and on a map of the actual training range or area, in real-time. The points of impacts (POI) and points of origin (POO) are also presented as grid coordinates. All information can be exported or printed out for further reporting and de-briefing. The easy and user-friendly Windows based command post software allows remote access to all ground sensors to easily and conveniently configure and maintain the system.


Key Features

  • Localisation of points of impact (POI) and points of origin (POO) of rockets, artillery, mortars and gunshots
  • Immediate alarm of ordnance exploding outside the designated target area
  • Reporting of detonation type (Complete/Partial/Blind)
  • Complete overview of the weapons being fired on the range

RAM-SCORE Datasheet 


Microflown AVISA has delivered its first RAM-SCORE system to the Royal Dutch Army. The Dutch MOD formally commisioned Microflown AVISA to provide an array of AMMS's for permanent installation on the Artillery Shooting Range (ASK) in the Netherlands for target practicing. The RAM-SCORE system is capable of determining the exact locations of exploding mortaren artillery shells (Point Of Impact)  shot by artellery soldiers during fire exercises. This can be donewith high accuray under all weather conditions. On 1 Nobemver 2012, the Dutch MoD sined the contracy for the purchase of a second (mobile) RAM-SORE training system, that can be taken with them and used for training at other international locations, as and when required.Currently the Dutch Armed Forces contracted Microflown AVISA to adapt its game-changing AMMS's based RAM-SCORE system for the installating on vehicle platforms.2


1 Dutch Army bought RAM-SCORE system

2 Microflown AVISA obtainsR&D contract to install its AVS on vehicles